My jewelry is all about texture.  I see patterns and textures all around me in the Sonoran Desert.  Cactus, mountains, flowers and trees are some of my sources of inspiration.  Many of my designs use original texture plates that I create like this:

1.    Find a photograph of an interesting pattern.
2.    Transfer the pattern to a brass plate.
3.    Etch the brass plate in a salt water solution.  The pattern becomes 3 dimensional.
4.    Place metal on top of the brass plate and roll it through a rolling mill. (think pasta roller)
5.    The pattern is transferred to the metal.  I can then transform the metal into a unique piece of jewelry.


In addition to Texture Plates, I use ordinary objects found in the environment to texture the metal.  Some of these are aluminum foil, cement bricks, dried plant fronds, wire mesh, ribbon, paper cutouts and feathers.

Kumihimo is a traditional Japanese artform of making braids and cords.  These bead necklaces are made using a disc and eight stands of beads.  The beads are wound on plastic bobbins to keep them tidy while weaving. They are intertwined, one at a time to create a long braid.  The finished woven bead strands come in two thicknesses (1/3" and 1/2") and a multitude of colors.  If you don’t see the color or thickness you would like, contact me.  I’m happy to do special orders.

Spinners are wide rings that are made of Argentium Silver in a patchwork design.  They are slipped on to a Kumihimo braid, strand of beads or cord and float freely.  Large or small, they provide a unique impact of original design.

Most of my silver jewelry is made with Argentium silver.  Argentium silver is a sterling silver alloy which replaces some of the copper with germanium.  The benefit to Argentium is that it is highly tarnish resistant.  So the jewelry you purchase will stay brighter, longer.

Custom orders are welcome.  Please use the Contact page to initiate a request.