I have been making jewelry since I was a young girl.  After sewing doll clothes, crocheting and embroidering pillow cases, I turned to jewelry to fill a creative need.  I moved on to beaded necklaces of all types.

As my career as a software engineer blossomed, I was torn by my desire to be a jewelry designer.  I took time off in the early 70's to become a San Francisco Street Artist, selling my beaded jewelry on the streets of San Francisco and at craft shows around the Bay Area.  After a successful 4 year run, I went back to work in the software industry and made jewelry making my hobby.  I made earrings and necklaces for myself and friends for many years.

When I moved to Arizona, I kicked my hobby into another phase.  I longed to work with metal. I bought silver, brass and copper sheet and wire, and I was off and running. I began cutting, forming, dapping, etching, folding, sawing, riveting, and hammering metal into jewelry.

Over the past few years, my work has evolved into using a combination of beads and metals to create unique, light weight and fun designs.

I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as I enjoy making them.